High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


KATT Climb

Fixed Access Ladders

KATT Safety manufactures an extensive range of fixed roof access ladders tailored to meet site requirements. Our designs provide versatility that encompasses a wide array of building types, adhere to work at height regulations and are meticulously crafted to meet the standards outlined in BS 4211:2005 & BS EN ISO 14122-4:2016.

Key Features

Welded aluminium construction

Providing sturdy, secure and reliable access


Enabling simple and quick installation, saving you and your employees time and effort

Safe & Easy to Use

Providing you with peace of mind that your employees are protected

Cost Effective

Non-corrosive and maintenance free

Modular System

Ensures easy assembly
& delivery

Compliant with Standards

BS EN ISO 14122-2016-Part 4

Tailored to meet site requirements

Katt Safety’s fixed ladders provide staff and contractors a secure method of reaching elevated areas while performing tasks at height, no matter the nature of the work.

Our fixed access ladders are composed of lightweight weather resistant materials and adopt a modular design that ensures they’re easily installed and adjusted on site to offer a precise solution. Delivered to the site in a flat pack format, each product can be moved into place and adjusted to fit as necessary with minimal tools.

A world class innovation

Meet the all new upgraded modular ladder system, KATT 2 – developed by combining years of experience from both installer and user feedback, to produce an access solution that’s easier to install, whilst providing improved user safety at all levels.

More about KATT2

The KATT2 Modular Ladder System provides safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms.

Manufactured in accordance with British Standards BS EN ISO 14122-4:2016, KATT2 Ladders have a unique precision and profiled rung design which ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personnel.

The proprietary fall protection system has various configurations which can incorporate enclosed cages or ladder fall arrest systems depending on ladder height and applications.

Fixed Ladder Specification

Modular Design

The modular nature of our fixed ladders makes them a simple and straightforward solution. Each product can be safely and easily modified on site for the perfect fit, requiring only approximate dimensions for specification.

Our range features both vertical and inclined fixed ladder solutions, in addition to options for a fall arrest cage or fixings for a fall arrest system.

We ensure complete compliance with the international standard for ladder heights, as specified by BS EN ISO 14122-4:2016.

Katt ladder products are supplied with all essential fasteners. The lightweight aluminium parts are delivered in a flat pack kit, allowing for easy placement in the desired location.

We offer a next day delivery service on some of our ladders.

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Designed & built to ensure utmost comfort, safety and easy installation

Katt modular access ladders are an extremely versatile range of fixed ladders, no matter your requirement, you get all the benefits of Katt Climb craftsmanship and service.

Each ladder is designed and built to ensure utmost comfort, safety and easy installation, regardless of the application.

A wide range of configurations available

Our fixed ladder systems come in a wide range of configurations, with options such as walkway attachments, ladder mounts and other accessories to ensure the necessary safety standards are met. 

Katt fixed ladder systems’ modular nature means they can accommodate for any oddities of the structure you’re working with.

Product Installation


Each ladder is provided with the necessary fasteners and attachment hardware for easy installation that requires no welding on site.

Built to

The system can be built to suit the exact site requirements by simply cutting the lower ladder body to the required length.

costs & delays

Prefabricated ladders can often be delivered to the site with incorrect critical dimensions and spacing of fixing brackets. Then there are costs and time delays whilst the fabrication is adjusted. With our modular KATT ladder systems you can build the kit to suit your site layout.


  • What is a KATT ladder?

    KATT is a range of precision-designed modular, fixed ladders, which provide safe vertical or incline access to the roof or between varying roof levels.

  • What is the British standard for permanently fixed ladders?

    BS 4211:2005 Specification for permanently fixed ladders.

  • What is the maximum height for a fixed ladder?

    There is no maximum height for using a ladder, however, where a ladder rises 9 m or more above its base, landing areas or rest platforms should be provided at suitable intervals.

  • What are the fixed ladder regulations?

    • The ladder should not exceed 6 m without an intermediate landing.
    • Hoops should be fixed if the ladder exceeds 2.5 m.
    • Fall protection such as cages should be provided if there is a risk of falling more than 2 m.
    • Hoops should be a maximum of 900mm apart.

  • When using a ladder, what is the correct angle at which it should be set?

    The correct angle for a ladder to be positioned at is 75 degrees.

  • What is the rule for ladder angle?

    1 in 4 rule. For every 4 feet of height, position the base of the ladder 1 foot away from the wall. The distance between the wall and the base of your ladder should be one quarter of the ladder’s height. This rule applies for both feet and metres.

  • What should fixed ladders be made of?

    Corrosive-resistant materials like Aluminium. High-strength and low-maintenance aluminium access ladders can prevent accidents or injury caused by corrosion or residual damage.

  • What are the regulations for fixed ladders exceeding 3m?

    Once a ladder exceeds 3m you must provide fall protection. A cage is a preferred choice.

  • What is the warranty period on KATT Climb ladders?

    All KATT Climb ladders are supplied with a 10 year warranty.

  • What are the differences between KATT1 and KATT2?

    • The new T-Bolt fixing is the primary change of KATT2, compared to the original M8 bolt. The components attached to the ladder now all have slots for easy insertion with no drilling required.
    • New telescopic aluminium sections for easy length adjustment of fixing brackets and parapet head guardrails. This results in a stronger ladder body design.
    • Fixing brackets can now be spaced up to 3m apart compared to the original 2.4m.

  • Are KATT1 components compatible with the KATT2 system?

    Most KATT1 components can be used with the new KATT2 system. The exception being KATT2 ladder bodies and splice joint systems. Drilling and bolting using an M8 fastener will be required if you’re using the original KATT ladder bodies.