High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.



Skylight Covers

Skylight fall protection covers provide fall hazard protection for personnel working on rooftops with brittle skylights, rooflights and roof surfaces, without compromising light penetration. KATT Safety skylight mesh protectors are available in multiple configurations and sizes, and work well with all types of rooflights, skylights and brittle roof structures, to keep you safe while working at height.

Key Features


No changes to the structure of the roof are required when installing our skylight fall protection systems.

Maintenance Free

Skylight mesh and fixings are formed from non-corrosive materials, providing a maintenance free solution.


Skylight safety nets are made from mesh and can be cut to size to suit your specific requirements.


Designed and fabricated in line with all relevant BS standards and HSE guidelines.

Safe & Easy to Use

Providing you with peace of mind that your employees are protected.

Cost Effective

Due to their non-corrosive materials, skylight protectors are a long-lasting solution.

Permanent fall protection

Skylights and rooflights can pose a serious threat to personnel who need to access the roof of any building. Our skylight fall-protection systems provide permanent protection from falls through fragile or corroded skylights, keeping your work force safe.

Our skylight mesh protectors are lightweight, high strength aluminium solutions that offer protection for personnel carrying out tasks on the roof. We have options for powder coating, meaning they can provide protection from the hazard of falling without any restriction of light flow.

The Ultimate Skylight Cover Range

We can make access safe around your roof top in 2 - 3 days from order!

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