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Nisbets Catering Equipment, Chepstow

The Situation
In the second quarter of 2023, Nisbets, a leading catering equipment supplier, acquired the expansive Delta 290 distribution warehouse at Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate in Chepstow. The acquisition was part of Nisbets’ forward-looking growth strategy, with plans to leverage the warehouse for expanding operations in the years to come. Recognising the importance of maintaining the facility, Nisbets identified the need for safe access to the roof, spanning an impressive 29,000 square feet, to facilitate routine maintenance and ensure the longevity of the infrastructure.

The sheer size and height of the Delta 290 warehouse presented a challenge in terms of ensuring safe and efficient access to the roof for maintenance purposes. Given the stringent British regulations governing such installations, Nisbets required a solution that not only prioritised safety but also offered durability and ease of installation without the need for extensive structural changes.

The Solution
Our RL40 modular aluminium caged ladders was the perfect solution to address Nisbets’ requirements. The RL40 design, characterised by its lightweight, robust, and durable properties, provided a long-lasting access solution tailored to the warehouse’s unique specifications. The modular nature of the RL40 made it an ideal choice, ensuring easy installation without the need for large structural modifications.

To adhere to British regulations and enhance safety, the installation incorporated two midway platforms. These platforms not only complied with regulatory standards but also facilitated a safer and more convenient ascent and descent during maintenance activities.

Collaborative Installation Process
Working in collaboration with our certified installer, Height Access Solutions, we undertook a comprehensive approach to address Nisbets’ access needs. As part of this collaboration, we conducted a thorough site survey to understand the specific challenges and intricacies of the warehouse structure. This proactive approach allowed us to provide Height Access Solutions with the necessary insights to design and supply the RL40 caged ladders that would best suit the facility.

Throughout the installation process, our team remained actively engaged, offering continuous support to Height Access Solutions. This included assistance with technical queries, ensuring that the installation progressed smoothly and efficiently. By combining our expertise with the practical knowledge and execution capabilities of Height Access Solutions, we aimed to deliver a comprehensive solution that met and exceeded Nisbets’ expectations.

Results and Impact
The successful installation of the RL40 modular aluminium caged ladders provided Nisbets with a reliable and durable access solution to the expansive roof of the Delta 290 warehouse. The collaborative effort between Nisbets, our team, and Height Access Solutions not only ensured compliance with safety regulations but also showcased the effectiveness of a coordinated approach in addressing complex challenges associated with infrastructure maintenance.

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