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Tesco Extra, Eastville

The Situation
The Tesco Extra supermarket in Eastville, Bristol faced a critical challenge with the deteriorating state of its existing GRP walkway solution. The primary concern was ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel navigating the rooftop, given the delicate standing seam roof profile. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Tesco sought a replacement that would not only be robust and secure but also lightweight to protect the fragile roof structure.

The Solution
In response to Tesco’s requirements, our team proposed the installation of the GW6 aluminium walkway. This particular walkway solution proved to be an impeccable match for the project, owing to its lightweight construction. The GW6 walkway is a modular system, allowing for easy configuration to adapt to the unique site conditions posed by the complex roof structure at Tesco Extra in Eastville.

The chosen GW6 walkway, crafted from non-slip walkway mesh, was enhanced with a double rail guardrail on both sides to provide an additional layer of safety for maintenance personnel working at heights. The emphasis on combining strength and lightness in design was pivotal to ensure the protection of the delicate standing seam roof profile.

Collaborative Installation Process:
To implement the project seamlessly, Tesco’s maintenance team enlisted the expertise of Altus Safety, one of our certified installers. Collaborating closely with KATT Safety, Altus Safety undertook the task of replacing the old GRP walkway solution with the new GW6 aluminium walkway. This collaborative effort ensured that the installation process was swift, efficient, and effective.
Throughout the installation, our team played a crucial role, offering continuous support from the initial design stage to the final project completion. This comprehensive approach involved assisting with technical queries, addressing challenges that arose during the installation, and ensuring that the walkway system met the specific needs of Tesco Extra in Eastville.

Results and Impact:
The successful installation of the GW6 aluminium walkway not only addressed the immediate safety concerns but also provided Tesco Extra with a durable and reliable solution for future maintenance activities. The customisability of the GW6 walkway allowed it to seamlessly integrate with the intricate roof structure, showcasing the adaptability of our lightweight modular systems.

The collaboration between Tesco’s maintenance team, Altus Safety, and KATT Safety, supported by our technical expertise, demonstrated the effectiveness of a coordinated approach to complex projects. The project’s success underscores our commitment to providing not just products but comprehensive solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and long-term durability.

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