High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


KATT Guard

Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems

KATT Guard’s range of modular, high strength aluminium roof guardrail systems are designed to provide collective edge protection around the perimeter of a flat roof for the safety of all personnel conducting work at height. KATT Guard offers various configurations of guardrails to suit your project, no matter the nature of the work.

Key Features


Ensures easy assembly
& delivery.

Easy Installation

Each system is simple and quick to install.

Safe & Secure

Compliant with the relevant technical standards BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 for fixed guardrails and BS EN13374 class A for freestanding guardrails.


KATT guardrail systems are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Tailored to meet site requirements

Our guardrails comply with the relevant BS safety standards BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 for fixed guardrails and offer ultimate protection for many years to come, with a 10-year warranty supplied with all products in this range.

The Ultimate Guardrail Range

Guardrail Specification

Modular Design
The modular nature of our fixed and freestanding guardrails makes them a simple solution. Each product can be easily moved to work in accordance with your entire KATT system for ultimate safety.
KATT Guardrail systems suit a wide variety of mounting applications. Constructed from a high strength aluminium, our guardrails are sturdy, lightweight and user friendly. They have an unobtrusive appearance and the option of powder coating available to blend in with surroundings.

Our modular aluminium guardrail systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with necessary British Standards and HSE guidelines.

Our fixed guardrail solutions are compliant with BS EN ISO 14122:3:2016.

Our free-standing guardrail system is compliant with BS EN 13374:2013 & BS13700:2021

KATT guardrails offer simple and rapid installation as they are fully adjustable with adaptable fixtures and fittings, meaning no on site welding is required. Minimal components are required during installation, reducing on site labour time and cost.

We can make access safe around your roof top in 2 - 3 days from order!

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Designed & built to ensure utmost comfort, safety and easy installation

KATT guardrails are extremely versatile and can be configured to suit your KATT modular system no matter your requirements. Keep your employees safe whilst working at height by benefitting from the dedication of KATT GUARD craftmanship and service

A wide range of configurations available

We have a wide range of guardrails available, depending on your requirements, to ensure the necessary safety standards are met and they accommodate the structure you are working with.

Product Installation


Each guardrail can be provided with the necessary fixtures and fittings for easy installation, so no welding is required on site.

Built to

The guardrails are built to fulfil requirements and attach easily to your KATT modular system for ultimate safety.

costs & delays

Minimal components are required during installation, reducing on site labour time and cost.


  • What is the maximum distance between guardrail posts?

    The posts on all KATT Guard systems must not exceed 2000mm centre to centre.

  • What is the maximum distance from a corner to the closest support post / handrail overhang?

    The distance from a corner to a post/handrail overhang must be 300mm maximum.

  • How high should a roof top guardrail be?

    The minimum height for guard railing is 1100mm from the roof surface. If guardrail is more than 1100mm high, a third rail is required.

  • What is the warranty period on KATT Guard systems?

    All KATT Guard systems are supplied with a 10 year warranty.

  • What British Standards are KATT Guard systems compliant with?

    • All KATT fixed guardrail systems comply with BS EN ISO 14122:3:2016
    • All KATT Free-standing guardrail systems comply with BS EN 13374:2013 and BS 13700:2021

  • What centres should the posts be?

    Posts on all Sentry guardrail systems should not be more that 2m centre to centre.


  • What is a Sentry guardrail corner?

    Sentry guardrail systems use a swivel corner joint enabling the guardrail to turn almost any angle.