High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


KATT Kombi

Modular Access Systems

KOMBI aluminium stair and platform systems provide secure access to roof decks, service platforms and other maintenance areas. Our KOMBI range is manufactured from aluminium, meaning it is lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion.

Key Features

Versatile Solution

Modular design means that KOMBI stair access systems can be configured to your exact specification.

Aluminium Construction

Lightweight and durable with natural resistance to corrosion, so structural integrity is not compromised by on site cutting or drilling.

Easy Installation

The unique KOMBI fastening systems ensures components are fastened together correctly and due to the system’s lightweight construction, no cranes or lifting equipment is required.

Designed for the User

KOMBI stair access systems combine the highest level of safety with ergonomic design for ease of access.

Highly Adjustable

KOMBI features variable stair angles and tread spacing to allow for easy adjustment on site.

Short Lead Times

KOMBI is held in stock and supplied in kit form, ensuring a speedy delivery.

Tailored to meet site requirements

KOMBI is perfectly designed to be customisable and can be easily assembled on site without the need for welding. The reusable components ensure that KOMBI stair and platform systems will save on design costs and reduce your delivery lead times.

Easy assembly

The modular design  and lightweight properties of the Kombi system components makes it very quick and easy to assemble on site. 

KOMBI specification

Modular Design
KOMBI® systems are constructed using standard components configured to suit a range of different applications. Modular Safety Systems can also provide KOMBI® design configurations to suit specialist applications. These will be supplied in kit form for on-site assembly. KOMBI’s stair and platform modular components can be configured to suit any size, height or shape that you require. And due to the primary construction of extruded aluminium, its lightweight nature makes it easy to manoeuvre. With KOMBI’s modular concept, it can be disassembled and reinstalled in alternative locations if necessary.

Manufactured from high grade structural aluminium.

Fixing brackets, joining plates and support feet manufactured from profiled stainless steel.

Kombi Modular access systems come with a 10 year warranty from date of purchase, subject to correct installation, use and maintenance, in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

We can have your KOMBI products onsite in 2 days from order!

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Designed & built to suit your requirements

Our KOMBI stair and platform systems are made up of three primary modules; the support module, the platform module and the stair module. Each of these modules are available in a variety of sizes, so they can be adjusted according to your requirements, to provide you with safe and compliant access solutions.

Made with the installer in mind

KOMBI Modular has been designed with the installer in mind. We offer a practical solution to the reliance on large equipment to complete the build. With components broken down into lighter, smaller and less awkward pieces, the potential for manual handling injuries is reduced, making for easier and safer installations.

Product Installation


KOMBI stair and platform systems are supplied in kit form with all necessary fixtures and fastenings for easy on site assembly.

Built to

KOMBI systems can be configured to your exact specification, and variable stair angles and tread spacing allow for easy adjustment.

costs & delays

The reusable components ensure that KOMBI stair and platform systems will save on design costs and reduce your delivery lead times.


  • What is the warranty period on KOMBI systems?

    All KOMBI systems are supplied with a 10 year warranty.

  • What is KOMBI?

    KOMBI is a modular aluminium stair, platform, crossover and elevated walkway system for providing compliant access to cooling towers, HVAC, plant equipment and over conveyors and much more.

    Designed for easy customisation, on-site assembly and with re-usable components, KOMBI® Stair and Platform Systems save design costs and reduce delivery lead times

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  • What British Standard does KOMBI comply with?

    All KOMBI systems comply with BS EN ISO 14122.3.2016

  • What is the KOMBI T-Bolt?

    The unique M10 T-Bolt fastener providing rapid installation to minimise any drilling required. The bolt has a parallelogram end which locks perpendicular to the extrusion slot, this ensures the correct positioning  of the bolt for maximum strength.