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About KATT Safety

KATT Safety is a trusted provider of high-quality fall protection and access systems that protect life and enable safe work at height.

Our fixed ladders, guardrails and walkways are precision-engineered modular systems, so can be configured to meet the height safety needs of any commercial or industrial environment.

We are passionate about delivering a blend of products and service that goes beyond achieving compliance. We are focused on helping our customers effectively manage work at height risks in a way that protects their company and, most importantly, the people that work in, on and around their buildings.

We are proud to say KATT Safety products are keeping people safe in the UK, US and Australia.

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KATT Safety is the specialist height safety division of Fixfast, a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for the building envelope.

For almost 50 years, Fixfast has helped make better, safer buildings. The company has grown to become a market leader through a steadfast dedication to outstanding customer service. This has seen Fixfast continually innovate and evolve its offering to meet the changing needs of contractors in the roofing, cladding and façade sectors.

Providing height safety solutions was therefore a natural extension to Fixfast’s scope of support.  In 2014, Fixfast partnered with Australia’s Sayfa Group, the manufacturer of KATT systems and a recognised height safety leader that shares Fixfast’s commitment to quality, engineering and customer service.

The partnership saw Fixfast offering KATT systems to its customers in the UK and the US. In 2021, and in response to significant growth in demand, Fixfast launched KATT Safety – with a dedicated brand and team.

Today, KATT Safety customers have access to the highly-configurable, precision-engineered KATT fall protection and safe access systems – and with the same speed of supply and helpful customer service that have become synonymous with Fixfast.

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