High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


About Us

KATT Safety is a trusted provider of high-quality fall protection and access systems that protect life and enable safe work at height.

Tailored to meet site requirements

Our fixed ladders, guardrails and walkways are precision-engineered modular systems, so can be configured to meet the height safety needs of any commercial or industrial environment.

We are passionate about delivering a blend of products and service that goes beyond achieving compliance. We are focused on helping our customers effectively manage work at height risks in a way that protects their company and, most importantly, the people that work in, on and around their buildings.

Katt Safety products are keeping people safe in




Brought to you by Modular Safety Systems

KATT Safety is the specialist height safety division of Modular Safety Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of modular solutions for construction, infrastructure and building maintenance projects in the UK.

Modular Safety Systems started 25 years ago with providing handrail and barrier solutions to the construction and infrastructure sectors, throughout this period and going forward the company has been continually innovating and evolving its offering to meet the changing needs of contractors in these sectors.

Committed to Quality

Providing height safety solutions was therefore a natural extension to Modular Safety Systems’ scope of support. Modular Safety Systems has partnered with Australia’s Sayfa Group, the manufacturer of KATT systems and a recognised height safety leader that shares Modular Safety Systems’ commitment to quality, engineering and customer service.

KATT Safety is a brand of Modular Safety Systems, which has its own dedicated team to support you through your projects.

Today, KATT Safety customers have access to the highly-configurable, precision-engineered KATT fall protection and safe access systems – and with the same speed of supply and helpful customer service that have become synonymous with Modular Safety Systems.

Reducing Rooftop Risk

Here at KATT Safety we focus on providing the simplest solutions to provide permanent access and collective protection for rooftops and other scenarios where falls could occur.

All KATT Safety systems are backed by a comprehensive service offering, informed by over 40 years of construction engineering experience. All of which means you can quickly and easily meet your obligations, reduce maintenance costs, and de-risk work at height for the building occupier and their contractors.

All of our height safety systems are:

Our Customer Promise

Taking your projects from concept to reality efficiently

Hassle free Safety Solutions

In todays world, health & safety standards are stricter than ever, and making sure access around your workplaces & sites is compliant, has become even more challenging.

Well, here at KATT Safety we like to make things simple, we’re passionate about making sure these projects are quick, easy and hassle. Specialising in providing high-quality solutions from concept to reality – we’ll support you every step of the way right from drawing stage through to completed product ready for installation on site.

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