High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


Ladder Mounting Options

We have various mounting options for our ladders available.

Complement our ladder systems

Our KATTCLIMB accessories complement our ladder systems perfectly and are crafted with the same attention to detail as our entire product line. Manufactured from high-grade structural aluminium, these accessories boast a modular design, are lightweight and durable.


What is a katt ladder?

KATT is a range of precision-designed modular, fixed ladders, which provide safe vertical or incline access to the roof or between varying roof levels.

BS 4211:2005 and BS 14122 part 4 2016 Specification for permanently fixed ladders.

As of January 2017, fixed ladders that extend beyond 24 feet must have fall protection systems in place.

If fixed ladders with cages extend to have an unbroken length exceeding 50 feet, you are required to have landing platforms in 50-foot intervals.

Climbing width – must be 16 inches minimum.

Stand-off distance – a minimum of 7 inches between the midpoint of the ladder rung and the closest permanent object behind the ladder.

Grab bar extension height – requires a 42 inch high grab bar extension above the access level or landing platform at the top of the ladder.

Grab bar extension width – requires at least 24 inches width above the top access level to accommodate for the climber’s body. The extension should not be more than 30 inches wide so the handrails can be easily reached. However, this goes up to 36 inches if a ladder lifeline has been provided.

The correct angle for a ladder is 75 degrees.

1 in 4 rule. For every 4 feet of height, position the base of the ladder 1 foot away from the wall. The distance between the wall and the base of your ladder should be one quarter of the ladder’s height. 

This rule applies for both feet and metres.

Corrosive-resistant materials like Aluminium. High-strength and low-maintenance aluminium access ladders can prevent accidents or injury caused by corrosion or residual damage.

Once a ladder exceeds 2.5m you should provide fall protection such as hoops and cages.