High-quality, modular solutions that offer permanant access & collective potection for working at height.


Designed for fixing to metal roofs, including R panel and standing seam systems. It can be fixed with self-sealing rivets to the metal deck, or with non-penetrating clamps to suit the standing seam profile.

Katt Safety’s GW3 Metal Deck Guardrail is one of the configurations of the SENTRY permanent guardrail solutions and is a best-in-class product. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium, and secured into the roof structure with rivets or self-drilling fasteners, the guardrail is quick and easy to install, with no need to lift counterweights to roof level.

The GW3 Metal Deck Mount Guardrail meets the required BS standards and HSE guidelines to ensure your team remains protected and compliant on site. Sentry is compliant with BS EN ISO 14122:3:2016. It is made from high grade structural aluminium making it lightweight, sturdy and fully adjustable due to its modular design.

Each Sentry Guardrail System is tailored to meet your exact requirements and is fully adjustable to suit any location and roof design, where the pitch is under 10 degrees.