Engineered modular stair access system


KOMBI® is an engineered range of modular stair and platform systems designed to provide secure access to roof decks, service platforms and other maintenance areas. The modular design means KOMBI® can be tailored to your exact requirements and allows for simple on-site assembly, without the need for welding – saving design costs and reducing delivery lead times..

KOMBI® is manufactured from aluminium meaning it is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. The system is complemented by a range of hand and knee rails, which provide extra stability and protection.

Designed to be different

Versatile solution

Modular design means that KOMBI® stair access system can be configured to your exact specification.

Aluminium construction

Lightweight and durable with natural resistance to corrosion, so structural integrity is not compromised by on site cutting or drilling.

Easy installation

The unique KOMBI fastening system ensures components are fastened together correctly and thanks to the system’s lightweight construction, no cranes or lifting equipment is required.

Designed for the user

KOMBI® stair access system combines the highest level of safety with ergonomic design for ease of access.

High adjustable

KOMBI® features variable stair angles and tread spacing to allow for easy adjustment on site.

Short lead times

KOMBI® is held is stock and supplied in kit form ensuring speedy delivery.

Product specification

KOMBI® systems are constructed using standard components configured to suit a range of different applications. Modular Safety Systems can also provide KOMBI® design configurations to suit specialist applications. These will be supplied in kit form for on-site assembly.

KOMBI® steps

KOMBI® Steps are sturdy modular aluminium steps that are available in various sizes and configurations to provide users with easy access over obstacles.

KOMBI® step and stair bridges

KOMBI® Step and Stair Bridges provide safe and easy access over obstructions, including pipes, joints, ducts and expansion joints on rooftops and other areas. They are available in a variety of widths to accommodate different specifications and feature non-penetrating feet to prevent damage to membrane-covered roofs. Guardrails can be fitted to the crossover section to ensure additional security and stability.

KOMBI® ramps

KOMBI® Ramps provide access over obstructions such as pipes by both foot traffic or vehicular traffic. They are available in a wide range of sizes and widths to suit specific applications.