Precision-engineered modular fixed access ladder


KATT is a range of precision-designed modular, fixed ladders, which provide safe vertical or incline access to the roof or between varying roof levels. KATT can be used with a cage or fall arrest systems in line with HSE’s hierarchy of control for working at height. It complies with the relevant BS EN ISO standards for ladders. Fabricated from structural aluminium, KATT ladders are not only lightweight, but non-corrosive – enabling better warranties than those for steel ladders, and to be easily modified on site without compromising the lifespan of the system.

Designed to be different

Modular design

KATT ladders are configured to your exact specification, however, only approximate dimensions are required because the system can be modified safely on site.

Aluminium construction

Lightweight, durable with natural resistance to corrosion, so structural integrity is not compromised by on-site cutting or drilling.

Versatile solution

Can be used for either vertical or incline access, and are available with a fall arrest cage or fixings for a fall arrest system.

Safe and secure

Fully compliant with international standard for ladder heights BS EN ISO 14122:2016:4.

Easy installation

Each ladder is provided with all the necessary fixings. The lightweight aluminium components are delivered as a flat pack kit, which can be simply manhandled to the required location.

Designed for the user

KATT ladders feature wide, non-slip, ergonomic rungs for safety and ease of use.

Product specification

KATT modular access ladders are an extremely versatile range of fixed ladders, no matter your requirement, you get all the benefits of KATTCLIMB® craftsmanship and service. Each ladder is designed & built to ensure utmost comfort, safety and easy installation, regardless of the application.

Our fixed ladder systems come in a wide range of configurations, with options such as walkway attachments, ladder mounts and other accessories to ensure the necessary safety standards are met or accommodate for any oddities of the structure you’re working with. Explore these under Ladder options section below.

Not sure what ladder you need for your application? Find out more about the different variations below…

RL20 Series - Angled access ladders for heights up to 2m

KATT® RL20 angled mini access ladders are designed to provide safe access between different roof levels or plant platforms of 2m or less. KATT RL20 ladders feature an angle of up to 75 degrees for enhanced safety and are recommended for areas where regular access is required.

RL30 series

RL30 Series - Vertical ladders for heights up to 2m

KATT® RL30 vertical access ladders are designed for use in small spaces where access is required to different roof levels or plant platforms of 2m or less. The vertical fixture means they take up less space than an angled ladder, which makes them more suitable for areas where a compact solution is required.


RL40 Series - Vertical ladders for heights over 2m

KATT® RL40 series caged access ladders feature a fall arrest cage which is designed to provide basic fall protection. A fall arrest cage is required on all ladders over 2m high in compliance with BS4211:2005.

Ladder Options & Extras

Ladder Mounting

We offer three types of mounts for full stability of your fixed access ladder. These include standard floor mounts as well as non-penetrating base plates and off-floor mounted fixing brackets. Neither option will penetrate the roofing substrate, and the off-floor bracket keeps the ladder off the roof entirely, affixing it to the wall instead.

Security Solutions

If you need to keep your fixed access ladder protected from unauthorized personnel, our locking cage gates and access doors can help. They fit easily onto compatible KATTCLIMB® ladders.

Product Installation

Each ladder is provided with all necessary fasteners and attachment hardware. By cutting the lower ladder body to the required length, the system can be built to suit exact site requirements.

Often, prefabricated ladders are delivered to site and the critical dimensions, or the spacing of fixing brackets, are incorrect. Then there are costs and time delays whilst the fabrication is adjusted. With the modular KATT ladder system, you simply build the kit to suit the site layout.