Safe Access

Industry Overview

Reducing rooftop risk

Our modular height safety systems are the simplest way to provide permanent access and collective protection for rooftops and other scenarios where falls could occur.

Every Modular Safety Systems height safety system is:

  • Permanent for reduced costs over the life of the building (compared to temporary access solutions)
  • Collective to protect everybody from harm, and the architect, contractor and owner from liability
  • Adaptable to suit any roof and access requirement
  • Lightweight high-grade aluminium for easy installation
  • Inherently corrosion-resistant to stand the test of time
  • Quality assured manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards
  • Modular so it can be delivered in days

Every Modular Safety Systems height safety system is backed up by a comprehensive service offering, informed by over 40 years of construction engineering experience. All of which means you can quickly and easily meet your obligations, reduce maintenance costs, and de-risk work at height for the building occupier and their contractors.

Complete permanent collective safe access systems

There are numerous ways that the building and roof space can be made a safe area. The image shows how personnel can be protected by the installation of permanent safety solutions and guided to walk only in designated areas through the use of purpose designed rooftop walkway. Modular Safety Systems can assist you with roof risk assessment and follow on with the supply of access equipment suitable for many applications, whether it be a stepover unit for M&E services, a permanent ladder to gain further access or roof edge protection railings.

System overview

Permanent safe access

Modular fixed ladders and platforms for permanent safe vertical access between levels.

Includes KATTCLIMB fixed access ladders and KOMBI modular access platforms

Collective height safety

Adaptable walkways and guardrails to protect everybody at height.

Includes KATTWALK rigid walkway, DUKMAT flexible walkway, KATTGUARD fixed guardrails and KATTGUARD free-standing guardrails.

How we work with you

Whatever your height safety requirement, our comprehensive service and technical support is designed to help you.

Understand your risk profile
We can help you to understand the fall risks at your site, and therefore the most appropriate height safety provisions to make. Download our roof risk guide.

Get your risk score
Use our new roof risk assessment app to review the height safety options for your building, and test any planned changes.

Bespoke package
Based on the risk score the app gives you, we can put together a bespoke package of permanent access solutions to suit your needs. If required, our in-house technical team may even be able to inspect your site and make recommendations in person.

All of our height safety and access systems are held in stock at our UK manufacturing facility so we can deliver to your site within a couple of days.

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